Becoming a Best Nest Client is simple

 We are not for the masses, we are for the people who want to experience next level leasing and sale services, and who want to get maximum value in return for investment outlay. We are a choice!

We offer a fresh face for Real Estate, and a style of property care where the most amazing things come from not being afraid to try new ideas. We put 100% effort in 100% of the time and we aim for all customers to be proud of choosing our company.

 To join the movement to Best Nest Property simply contact or call 0403 350 338. We will set up a meet and greet to ensure we are the right agent for your property!

Landlord clients-

In loving what we do and listening to what you need, we have found the next level of leasing. Our daily procedures and best practices are consistently delivered, and we provide support and communication in an organic, approachable, and individualised way. We proudly deliver an asset care experience rather than standard property management services, and all landlord clients that come on board with the licensee, Alison Hatch, stay with her as their touch point.

Our landlord guarantee is delivered with energy and passion and involves exceptional communication, customer service excellence, best practice management procedures, innovative marketing, industry knowledge, creative solutions and the support to meet your property goals.

Tenant clients-

We carefully choose and heavily respect our tenant clients. We believe that for people to meet our expectations and tenancy responsibilities they should be given the tools and knowledge to help achieve them.  We guide our tenants to gain optimum tenancy history for themselves, and in turn this provides the best long-term care for our properties. Our tenant clients benefit from reward and referral systems, online tenancy portals for information and communication, and we always help to support their property goals.  Our guarantee is to stand out by delivering the most positive and valuable tenancy experience each tenant has had, and to ensure the terms of agreement and legislation are always met. We reward those who respect our tenancies, and we take every interaction as an opportunity for customer service excellence.

Vendor clients-

In developing our unique sales approach, we have created a never-before offered service that aims to personally match your needs, as well as encompass our core values and driving purpose. We offer one home at a time to the market, and we make the whole campaign a story and an event, driven by emotional appeal and the understanding that real estate is much more about people than it is about property. We make your home a quality product, unique and desired; and buyers can watch your journey before your home even hits the market! Our guarantee is to provide an innovative experience that maximises your opportunity to achieve your goals.

Trade clients-

Our trade relationships are exceptionally important, and we build links with those who can meet our goals for customer service. We aim for prompt efficient maintenance practices that help sustain harmonious tenancies and we only use quality, referred, insured and licenced businesses. Your team should be valued and treated as well as you treat your clients, and this is true in the way we treat our trades.

Mentoring clients-

Our business model is a platform to lift industry standards. We do not see industry peers as competition, but as others with whom we can collaborate and mentor. We offer mentoring services for those passionate enough to want to learn the approach we deliver, for their own clients! The word is spreading, and the support is here. If you have a goal to be amazing, and you want someone who will back you and push your knowledge and practical procedures, then we are definitely for you!